Your Brain Is Either Your Enemy or Your Hero, Depending on How You Train It!



The A.I.D. Plan

We are well acquainted with the anxiety, pressure and uncertainty associated with breaking through to a next level career, embarking on a significant life change, navigating relational conflict and or reinventing life after a profound loss. For the last thirty-five years we have trained and coached more than 50,000 people to master the art and science of taking advantage of change before it takes advantage of them, heroically turning their visions into reality.

Just Follow Our A.I.D. PLAN



Discover what, up until now, has gotten between you and your deepest aspirations.



Consider what future is possible when you give up conditions you have tolerated.

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From now on, to act on a future you say is worth having.


"I had the opportunity to experience the Revenant, one of the most amazing gifts I've given myself for both my business and my personal life.  I had friends share with me what I was going to experience but I did not fully appreciate what I was about to  go through.  It's amazing the energy we spend on the "monkey chatter and worrying we go through or wondering what will happen."  

I am proud to share this was one of my top life experiences next to getting married to my husband of 20 years and building our family.  I learned how to enjoy today by having clarity around my relationships and commitments to myself and those close to me.  

Women Network is the largest community of women globally and hosts the 30th annual  California Women's Conference, the largest and longest running conference in North America.  

We believe in this program so much we have invited our entire network around the world to experience Revenant.  Give yourself the gift you will use everyday - the skills to live your best life."

                                                                             - Michelle Patterson, Founder Women Network


The Revenant Process

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The Five-day residential Revenant Process is designed to profoundly impact your experience of life, your effectiveness, and creativity at work and create breakthroughs in relational intimacy.

Through our proprietary process, you will practice training your mind to live heroically, reinventing self-defeating patterns of thinking, clearing emotional knots that limit conversations while living out your deepest aspirations

  • Master your ability to act effectively on what matters to you and open new levels of intimacy in your relationships
  • Practice releasing what isn’t working opening new levels of freedom, love, and creativity.
  • Learn to access flow states releasing your best self.
  • Deepen your sense of contribution and confidently make a difference with your family, and community.

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